A space to honor our loved ones, tell their stories,
and share the significance they had on our lives

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Spirit Letters is a community platform built around recognizing and supporting our shared experience of grief around the loss of loved ones.

This platform is inclusive to the human family supporting lives of all races, genders, orientations and beliefs. The intention of Spirit Letters is to honor our loved ones through sharing last words, heartfelt stories and offering our blessings.

We grieve through honoring those we love.

“Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.” 

Oscar Wilde

“The great secret of death, and perhaps its deepest connection with us, is this: that in taking from us a being we have loved and venerated, death does not wound us without, at the same time, lifting us toward a more perfect understanding of this being and of ourselves. “


“Reverence for all beings is the foundation of a revolution of love.”

Charles Eisenstein

“You can only avoid grief by avoiding love, love and grief are inextricably intertwined.”

David Kessler

“There is some strange intimacy between grief and aliveness, some sacred exchange between what seems unbearable and what is most exquisitely alive. Through this, I have come to have a lasting faith in grief.”

-Francis Weller